Thank you for choosing Stronghold Tattoo Studio for your tattoo needs. Due to COVID-19, our policies and procedures have changed in order to adapt to the current situation. The safety of you, as our clients, and the safety of us, as artists, are of the upmost importance. Please review all of our new policies thoroughly. If you have any questions or concerns, then please feel free to reach out through email or by calling the shop. (218) 464-1485

FACEMASKS ARE REQUIRED. Please show up to your appointment wearing one. If you do not have one, then we can provide on for you. We sell single-use disposable ones for $2+tax and cloth masks for $5+tax. Please reach out to your artist if you would like to purchase one. You must have your facemask on throughout the duration of your appointment. Avoid touching it with your hands in order to prevent cross contamination. If you do, then we will ask you to wash or sanitize your hands afterwards.

Please leave all personal belongings in your car except for the essentials, (phone, keys, wallet, etc.) We will not have our community water station, so you are welcome to bring along a water bottle. Please avoid setting your belongings on countertops, the floor, or other surfaces. Our artists will have a designated area for you to set your stuff down. Please ask them where it is located.
We will not be allowing individuals to bring guests to their appointments. PLEASE COME TO YOUR APPOINTMENT ALONE.

Try not to show up early and also don't show up late. Showing up late will result in having to reschedule your appointment. COME AT THE EXACT TIME OF YOUR APPOINTMENT. There will be a blue "X" marked outside of our front door. Please wait there for your artist to come greet you at the time of your appointment.

Your artist will come out to take your temperature. If you are running a fever, then you will be sent home and asked to reschedule. After your artists takes your temperature, they will direct you to follow them inside.

Upon entering the studio, please sanitize your hands. There is a bottle of hand sanitizer located on the front desk. We also have a hand sink for washing your hands located in the back of the studio. Please ask your artist for directions if you would like to wash your hands as well. After doing this, you'll be asked to stand on another blue "X" marked on the floor in front of the front desk.

You'll be filling out two types of paperwork. The first one is on physical paper. This one goes over the risks and liability associated with COVID-19. Please be mindful of using pens marked "clean." After using a clean pen, put it in the pen holder marked, "dirty." After completing this one, you'll be asked to fill out another digital form. After completing both sets of paperwork, please sanitize your hand using the bottle of hand sanitizer on the front desk.

After your paperwork is filed out, your artist will lead you back to their station. Please avoid touching any surfaces. Once in their station, they will give you further instructions and assistance on what to do.

After your appointment, your artist will instruct you to walk back to the front counter and to stand on the blue "X." They will wash their hands in the back and then meet you up front. You will be asked to pay for the service you received. We prefer card as a payment option but will still accept cash.
Your artist will go over the aftercare for your tattoo/service. However, we will not be giving out physical copies of our aftercare. Instead we ask that you visit our website to view your aftercare instructions. If you have any further questions or concerns regarding the aftercare, then please reach out to your artist or the shop.

The doors to our studio will be physically locked. Our lobby will be closed off as well. We will not have portfolio books to browse through. However, all of our artists have their portfolios on our website with links to their social media.

If you feel uncomfortable getting a tattoo from us, at this time, then feel free to reach out. All deposits will be honored. Our cancelation policy will allow you to reach out to your artist in order to reschedule if you are feeling sick last minute. No call no shows are still unacceptable. NO CALL NO SHOWS WILL RESULT IN FORFEITING YOUR DEPOSIT. You will have to resubmit a booking form and put down another deposit to try and book another appointment with us.