Feel Confident About Your New Tattoo

Trust a tattoo artist with years of experience

When you're about to get a tattoo that will last forever, you want it to come out perfect. "Oops!" is something that you never want to hear your tattoo artist say. When searching for a skilled and experienced tattoo artist, look no further than Stronghold Tattoo Studio.

With our years of experience and ability to create various styles and designs, you are sure to walk away with a tattoo that you love. We are well-trained and dedicate our full attention to every detail of your tattoo.

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*Please be aware of our $75 shop minimum.

What kind of tattoo will you get?

When planning your tattoo, there are so many different styles to choose from. Luckily, at Stronghold Tattoo Studio, we are skilled at creating a variety of different styles and always use the best techniques. You can choose from popular styles such as:

  • Traditional: Bold lines and bright colors, think roses and anchors
  • Realism: Very surreal, usually portraits and illustrations of nature
  • Watercolor: Very whimsical; looks like what you'd see on a canvas
  • Tribal: Intricate patterns and designs; native art from different cultures
  • New school: Animated, cartoonish pieces like caricatures and other figures
  • Illustrative: More abstract, fine lines; delicate and custom features

If you need inspiration for your new tattoo, we can help. Contact our tattoo shop today to schedule a tattoo consultation.